She Wore A Red Wig


It’s not easy finding a long, HUMAN HAIR wig, in Chicago on short notice. So what do you do? Find a long, human hair, blonde wig and spend 5 hours tinting it red, cutting it and so on. Todd Baxter  is one of my favorite conceptual photographers to work with. He photographed the perfect LIVE BULL in one state, the green field in another and photographed the talent at Somehow he perfectly placed it all together in computer land, to create this amazing, yet “very bad combination of events for THIS red head. Jennifer Levant found the perfect props and clothing!

Producer Annika Howe helped keep this huge job running smoothly. She remembered me when another VERY LONG RED wig was needed. Thank you Annika! This wig was also needed on short notice, so once again it started blonde and finished red. But this one had to be styled, with a wet roller set over night to curl this damsel in distress.

New T.V. Drama Chicago Fire, photographed by The Wade Brothers  Stylist Courtney Rust


The 3rd red wig gave me the opportunity to mix textures and quickly create a totally different look on model Elena Greenwell (Factor Talent) when testing with photographer Nate Smith For this I used a dry hot set.



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  1. These are amazing! I mean, I’ve always known you were fantastic at your job, but wow! This is taking it to a whole new level. I love the site and am so glad Tatum put this together for you. I can’t wait to see more! I love you!

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