Bigger IS Better!

Nate Smith half  Tall 8489

Photographer Nathan Smith nate@nathansmith6070 and I were sitting next to each other at Jeff Sciortino’s incredibly fun studio Christmas party, and he overheard us talking about how passionate I am about testing, specifically Editorial and Fashion. Reason being, two and a half years ago, when I began collecting tears, from the jobs I had done, I compiled two strong portfolios: Period & Humor and Lifestyle & Kids. But for a time I had chosen not to do catalogue nor did I have time for testing. Editorial & Fashion were not front and center. As a result THAT portfolio was pretty slim, so it has become a big focus for me and is finally shaping up. As my heart has grown LARGE and my hands have grown skilled I have been overwhelmed with ideas and a passion for new projects, career opportunities and venues! I recieved an email from Nate the week after the Christmas party, saying he would love to test some of our ideas. The day of the shoot was relaxed and fun as we completed three looks, making sure everyone went home with something they could use. Stylist Jenni Button was a pleasure to work with. We were all very pleased.

For quite some time now, I have been bouncing ideas around in my head regarding hair shapes and ways I would like to create them, and I have only begun to scratch the surface! This is Elena Greenwell’s (Factor Talent) actual incredible hair. Elena gave me THE BEST compliment a seasoned model could ever give. She said, “Cindy, this is the kind of hair and makeup many people have tried to achieve but never quite hit the mark. You pushed it just far enough without going overboard.” Thank you, Elena, for wearing it with confidence and beauty.

Nate eyes final 8555_5



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    What? Talk about a hair don’t! Weird & visually offensive.

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